If It Comes To Atlanta It Arrives Here First

Whether it’s using PrEP to prevent HIV or under-the-skin pellets to treat low testosterone, we’re always embracing new, innovative treatments — and usually among the first in Atlanta to make them available.


We’re On The Cutting Edge For Screening

We are the first and only private medical practice in Atlanta to perform the High Resolution Anoscopy (HRA). This is an in-house procedure that is used to detect and treat certain anal cancers. This means our practice is on the leading edge of screening, detecting and treating anal cancer, which can be prevalent in the gay community or with anyone else who may be at risk.

We’re First In Bringing New Options

For example, many men, especially over the age of 40 tend to have decreased testosterone levels. We offer Testopel Pellets, the only FDA-approved testosterone treatment that offers sustained testosterone levels for up to six months after just one procedure. Testopel is a slow-acting pellet implanted underneath the skin. We are fully trained, equipped and certified to perform the procedure in our office. No need for a referral to a specialist.


We’ve Pioneered The “Under One Roof” Medical Practice

We also offer many other services that typically require a referral:

*DEXA Scan bone mineral density (BMD) measurement. It is a non-invasive technique that is used to measure bone mineral content and bone mineral density. The main purpose of the scan is to detect osteoporosis and predict the risk of fractures. With such a great number of adults today having low Vitamin D levels, measuring bone density is becoming an important part of preventative medicine.

*Exercise Stress Testing utilizing a stationary bicycle. This is great for the detection of significant coronary artery disease.

*Ultrasound Imaging, a useful diagnostic tool we most often use for assessing Carotid Artery Disease.

*Nerve Conduction Study, an evaluation of numbness, tingling, burning and/or weakness of the arms and legs. Common conditions diagnosed with a Nerve Conduction Study are Spinal Disc Herniation, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome and Peripheral Neuropathy.


atlanta hiv expertWe are convinced that timeless medicine and tomorrow’s technology work better when they are administered by someone who actually cares about the result as much as you do.

From our receptionist’s melodic voice to Dr. Gurley’s comforting words, we have built a culture of caring. We measure our success not in the quantity of visits but the quality of the outcomes. Our entire team is committed to this  from the minute you walk in to the moment you leave.

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