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    WHY US?

    We are gay primary care physicians specializing in trans health. We can provide all your medical needs, especially the ones that help you achieve a full expression of your identity.

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    We’ve treated thousands of trans patients over the decades. We have the expertise to manage your hormones and guide your pre- and post-operative care should you want it.

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    Starting with our gender-neutral bathrooms, we extend every courtesy you deserve–from addressing you correctly to acting as your medical ally in a world that can be hostile to your wishes.

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    We understand that screening transgender people for cervical, breast or prostate cancer is a sensitive process, so we take extra steps to make sure you’re comfortable.

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    You will feel cared for and listened to because you matter to us.

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    Here’s How Our Patients Rate Us:

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    Top-Rated 4.9 219
    Top-Rated 4.5 153
    Top-Rated 4.3 67
    Top-Rated 4.0 40

    Top-Rated 5.0 311

    * Ratings as of February 1, 2020


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      We Treat You With Respect

      We know you might not identify as the sex that your clothes or body suggests, so we’ll ask what name you would like to be called and what pronouns we should use. Then we’ll ask you what goals you may have in terms of gender-affirming hormone therapy or surgery–and any relevant information from your family’s medical history.

      We speak respectfully and honor who you are. For example, we don’t ask for your “real” name if your chosen one doesn’t show up in records or paperwork. Instead, we simply ask if a different name might be listed.

      We Never Assume Anything About You

      For example, we know you may or may not be interested in transitioning. You might not want hormone therapy. Some trans men don’t want or aren’t sure if they want chest reduction just as many trans women don’t want or aren’t sure if they want bottom surgery.

      Of course, if you are considering these options, we have the transition-related medical expertise to manage your hormones and guide your pre- and post-operative care. We can also help connect you with the right surgeons or specialists if you are considering having bottom or top surgery.

      Click here to make an appointment with one of our transgender health care experts.

      Genitals Don’t Define Gender

      We realize you may not feel comfortable in your body, which can make a physical exam uncomfortable or even frightening. We make sure to take our time and explain everything we do during an exam. You may refer to body parts a little differently than standard medical nomenclature, but don’t worry, we will adopt your terminology.

      We Know The Difference Between Gender Identity And Sexual Orientation

      We also understand the sensitivity of screening transgender men for cervical or breast cancer or checking transgender women for prostate cancer. If you’re new to the journey we’ll walk you through the risks and benefits associated with hormone therapy. If you’ve been on it for a while we can monitor and recommend new and better ways to achieve your goals. We will help you navigate the often scary but exciting process of transitioning.

      Click here to make an appointment with one of our transgender health care experts.

      You Also Need Everyday Medical Care

      As a transgender man or woman you need a provider who understands your unique concerns but you also need access to routine healthcare. Colds, flus, broken bones, and infections don’t discriminate on the basis of gender identity!

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