Recommended Vaccines

Vaccines protect you from diseases by stimulating your immune system to fight against them.  Even without knowing your medical history, here are some of the major ones we recommend:

Hepatitis A & B. Gay men are ten times more likely to acquire Hepatitis B than the general population. If you are gay and you have not had the Hepatitis vaccines, call us RIGHT NOW: 404-888-0228.

HPV. This virus causes anal(as well as cervical) cancer. It also causes genital and anal warts. Gardasil 9 is the vaccine to protect yourself from the 9 most prevalent and dangerous strains. This vaccine is extremely important to get because you have a 90 percent chance you will get this virus otherwise.

Shingles. There is a new vaccine for Shingles that was released late 2017. It is called Shingrix and has replaced the old Shingles vaccine Zostavax. It is much more effective and recommended for everyone over 50 years old. Even if you have received Zostovax or had an outbreak of Shingles.

Pneumonia. There are two types of pneumonia vaccines recommended – Pneumovax and Prevnar. These are indicated for everyone older than 65 or earlier for several health conditions.

Meningitis Vaccines. The bacteria which causes meningitis can spread between people in salvia or respiratory droplets. That means thing like kissing, sharing drinks or cigarettes, sharing eating utensil, and coughing can spread the bacteria. Bars and Clubs harbor perfect conditions for spreading meningitis. There have been outbreaks in the gay community, so it is very important to protect yourself with these vaccines. There are two types of vaccines which are needed- Meningococcal and Meningitis B vaccine.

Flu Shot. A yearly must for everyone, not just people who are 50+ or have chronic conditions.  Now that the flu shot is combined with the H1N1 vaccine, we recommend this shot for all our patients.

Tetanus-Diphtheria. You should get it every ten years. Tetanus can be fatal, even from a minor injury like a dog bite, stepping on a rusty nail or getting a cut.

There may be other vaccines we recommend for you, depending on your risk factors. Make an appointment with us and we will walk you through them. 404-888-0228.

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